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Find Your Best Gown at Winnie Couture, A Bridal Boutique in South Park

Finding the perfect bridal shop can be challenging. However, once you find it you have already won half the war.  Yes, I said war because finding the perfect wedding dress is serious business.

The choices of bridal shops in the Charlotte area are endless, however if you are looking for a shop that provides all of the necessary components to land that perfect gown you need not look any further than Winnie Couture, a full service bridal salon located at 2909 Selwyn Ave in Charlotte that provides exclusive gowns and various accessories to customers.

“Winnie’s been around since about 2000, but we finally made our way over to the east coast and we are kind of meant to cater to all brides up and down the east coast,” says store manager, Lindsay Spears.

The store has only been open for a little over a year, but she is already proud of what the team has accomplished.

“I think we’ve put together a really, really great team of stylists that do the best job.  They’re very knowledgeable, very professional in the field and in the industry”, she says.

There are two different types of collections sold at this location: the Blush Collection and the Diamond Collection. Both collections contain elegant looks, from traditional to modern, and the price for each dress will depend on the collection, the design details as well as how much embellishment is added to the dress.

When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress many women will choose a dress that is more aligned with their taste, rather than what is actually trending. While there are a plethora of dresses a bride could choose from, today many brides to be are purchasing very specific styles of gowns.

“We have found the most popular styles include mermaid silhouettes, textured skirts, dresses with a sleeve or scrap and illusion and plunging necklines and back lines,” says Spears. “Throughout our showroom we feature a variety of different shades and colors.  Our diamond collection sample gowns are featured in silk, which comes in one color.  We call it diamond white. It’s actually more of a medium color, not bright white or super ivory or cream.”

Because Winnie is a flagship salon, named after the designer herself, the boutique specializes in a variety of styles and silhouettes. Winnie has created both bridal and celebrity evening wear, including gowns for Kelly Clarkson, Giulianni Rancic, and Helen Hunt.  She is a unique designer and has an advantage of creating a better selection of wedding gowns.

Winnie was an architect before she was a designer and her focus is on the structure of each gown.  Most of them have built in corset and cups, which makes the bride feel more comfortable and secure and helps to insinuate the waist and bust line, according to Spears.

Spears adds,

“What’s unique about Winnie is that she uses the best materials to create the dresses and she works directly with us so that we are able to customize gowns through the ordering process.”

“Brides do have the option to customize, which a lot of times at authorized retailers you don’t because you have to often times have the approval of certain designers to alter their gowns,”  Spears notes. The average timeline to custom order a gown is between six to eight months, however this location can get a gown in as little as two months, but this time frame will not include any alterations.

If you are not sure what type of gown will be a great fit for you, then a stylist will be happy to assist you with trying out different styles of dresses during a 90 minute consultation. Spears feels that the consultation is very important since most brides have a vision of what type of dress they wanted their whole life, but once they try it on they change their minds after realizing the gown is not a good fit for their body type.

Amber Williams, a stylist at Winnie Couture, has been a bridal consultant for nearly four years and enjoys working for the company, especially since she is able to assist women with purchasing their wedding gown and accessories for the special day.

“When I walked in I automatically felt special.  Even just having my interview I really could feel how much these girls cared for the brides and that’s just so important because it is someone’s special day,” she says.

During a consultation with Williams she will chat with you about your budget, but most importantly she will chat with you about your vision so that she can hone in on what you are looking for in your wedding dress and/or your accessories.

“It really is a different experience from everywhere else just because we really take it to the next level”, says Williams.

She added, “We are taking care of your gown like it’s our sister’s gown or our cousin’s or anybody else’s.

Winnie Couture also offers an online feature where brides to be can save their favorite dresses on their website and an in store stylist will have their dresses ready for them to try on when they arrive for their consultation.

“We provide this feature so that we can make the process easier for our customers,” says Williams.

If you desire to be elegant, classy and stylish on your wedding day and are wondering how you can “spring into fashion” for your upcoming wedding, ride on down to Winnie Couture or visit their website at to check out their fabulous selection!