Making an Impression

Hello again, South Charlotte!  We are once again excited to share the scenes and stories we’ve collected in the past weeks.

With our first issue under our belt, we can’t wait to see what South Charlotte has for us in the coming months.  We’ve been overwhelmed with all of the beauty and sense of community we’ve been offered as we work to add something back through South Charlotte Lifestyle.

Our goal from the start has been to be a positive, productive member of the community and make an impression among our neighbors and peers.  Not just any impression, of course – the best one possible!

While we certainly hope we have done and will continue to do such, what we are even more excited about is the impression you have made on us!  So far South Charlotte Lifestyle has been welcomed and embraced by our wonderful community or residents, merchants, artists, and free spirits alike.

In this issue we’ve tried to capture the stories of a few of the people who are making positive impacts in our area.  We hope you are as excited to learn about these folks as we have been.

Thank you so much for your support and, please, enjoy!