Lose Weight Naturally with NutriMost

NutriMost Charlotte is one of 185 offices around the country, committed to transforming people’s lives in a very short amount of time. By following this weight loss program, women can lose up to 30 pounds and males can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days.

The NutriMost system uses a galvanic scan, the same technology a lie detector test uses, to find the cause of an individual’s weight retention by thoroughly accessing factors that regulate metabolism, detoxification, appetite, fat burning, hormone balance, and fat storage.  After they find why a client’s metabolism is slow, Nutrimost builds a custom program for their client that addresses the issues found on the scan.

Customization is a big part of the NutriMost’s success. “Most people contact us when they have tried other programs and they don’t work,” says Dr. Longobardo, Doctor at NutriMost Charlotte.  Unlike other weight loss programs, Nutrimost targets your nutrients and hormonal imbalances to solve your weight loss challenges.

Everything the NutriMost staff gives you is very clean, accessible in the grocery store, and natural. There are no drugs, no mediations and no shots. “We use whole food supplements that are vitamins and minerals,” says Dr. Longobardo

The program has three main steps. The first step is the weight loss. The second step is resetting your metabolism. The third phase is finding your trigger foods or what NutriMost refers to as “retraining phase.”

“Losing weight is the easy part when you come to NutriMost. It is understanding and knowing how you gain the weight and keep the weight,” says Dr. Longobardo.

NutriMost resets your metabolism to help you maintain the weight loss. “Most don’t have a strategy after they lose weight from these diets. We change your metabolism so you lose weight easily, safely and maintain the weight loss,” says Dr. Longobardo.

They retrain your metabolism by finding what NutriMost refers to as “trigger foods. These foods are that you need to avoid while you are on the Nutrimost plan because they can cause overeating. “Trigger foods are the ones your body can’t handle. Everyone has different trigger foods,” says Dr. Longobardo.

The first step to getting starting with NutriMost is setting up a consultation. “During the consultation, we do what is called a body comp. analysis,” says Longobardo. This allows NutriMost doctors to find your metabolic age. Afterwards, they will review your medical history to find if the plan is a good fit for you.

Dr. Longobardo’s loves changing lives with the NutriMost program. “Our program changes people energy, psychological well being, confidence, and we can effectively do this in a short amount of time…and it’s sustainable,” says Longobardo.

Nutrimost has locations in Ballantyne and Midtown. To learn more, visit