Sitting in Freedom Park

Last month George Zorrilla, publisher of South Charlotte Lifestyle,​ and I paid a visit to Freedom Park in South Charlotte.  Truth be known, we were there simply to take headshots for the upcoming issue of SCLS. The visit, however, ended up serving as so much more than just another photo opp.

After the shoot I decided to take a walk around Freedom Park and take in all of the beautiful scenery and exceptional Charlotte springtime weather.  I couldn’t help but notice the life in the park.  Every form of life one could think of, from ducks casually floating along in the water, to children climbing and playing on swings, to the beautiful Dogwoods blooming in the warm sunlight.

I passed an early morning runner who smiled and waved, then a couple with a young daughter who had a zealous and excited interest in the activity of squirrels.  A local artist working on a painting of our beautiful Freedom Park Bridge.  A businessman enjoying a break.  A dreamer, napping on the oh-so-green grass.

I couldn’t help but be reminded why I so love Charlotte, especially our little nook of it.  Where else can you step out of the hustle and bustle right into serenity? Where else can you snooze quietly amid all of the activity that goes into making a living, breathing metropolis?  Where else can you snap a picture of nature’s pure and simple gifts on any given day?

And then there is the bridge – Yes, the iconic Freedom Park Bridge that has become something of a symbol of our exceptional community, and rightly so as I have seen so many members of our community working to connect with one another across boundaries of industry, religion, and personal identity. I hope this continues to be our goal and our success as we move forward.

It’s profound what one can learn to appreciate sitting on a bridge in Freedom Park.