Blind Spot 5

Local mother-daughther duo shed some light on the benefits of designer blinds

Diana’s Blinds and Designs, Inc. is owned and operated by mother-daughter duo, Diana Weimer and Heather Tollison. The company’s services include professional measuring, installation, design advice and repair of Hunter Douglas products.

Weimer has over 30 years in the window treatment business. At first, she was creating window treatments when people were using mini blinds and valances and began selling Hunter Douglas products to compliment her custom items. Weimer recently retired from making window treatments to focus on the rapidly expanding Hunter Douglas line, which has over 26 categories of different blinds, shades and shutters.

Blinds, shades and shutters offer numerous benefits. Some of the biggest benefits are light control, privacy, sun protection and they help with sound. Window coverings can also bring a different ambiance to the room.  “After installing our products the other day, a client immediately said oh, wow, now it’s starting to feel like home instead of just a house,” says Weimer.

If someone is interested in purchasing new window coverings, Weimer suggests that they stop by the Diana’s Blinds and Designs, Inc. showroom so they can be educated on what is available. “Someone can learn about the different blinds, shades, and shutters, and motorization options we have to offer if they come visit our showroom. Displays are backlit so customers can see how the light affects the product,” says Weimer.

Customers can also learn about pricing by stopping by the showroom. “Blinds are an investment in something that lasts for many years. You are going to live with these products for a long time, so we want it to be the right product,” says Weimer.

Weimer and Tollison put a lot of time and effort into helping a customer find their perfect window covering. “We ask a lot of questions to find what your needs are, what you are trying to accomplish then we find the right product for you. With 30 plus years of experience, it gives us an advantage,” says Weimer.

For instance, if someone lives on a lake or a golf course and doesn’t want to obstruct their view, Diana’s Blinds and Designs has products for that. If a customer has odd shaped windows, the company has products for that as well. “We’re really customer service oriented and try to find products to fit any needs. It’s not all about the sale. It’s about customer satisfaction,” says Weimer.

Weimer and Tollison are fully committed to providing the Charlotte area with blinds, shades and shutters and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Diana’s Blinds and Designs is the only Hunter Douglas gallery in the Charlotte area.

If you are interested in upgrading you window coverings, visit