One Size Fits All??? 6

Local Designers Make Sustainable Clothing for EVERY Body

Anyone who has ordered something online can tell you it’s just about impossible to find the perfect item. Shopping for clothes in-store allows you to touch and feel the products. But what you have in mind–a certain color, style, or fabric–may not be available and searching for it can lead to a dead end.

Ordering items custom made has traditionally been an option only for the wealthy but SPS Designs is looking to change that. Best friends and owners of SPS Designs, Monica Randolph and Alyssa Hope, are both committed to making quality, custom clothing to fit women of all shapes and sizes, at a reasonable price.

Hope has been making clothes for as long as she can remember. “I’ve been sewing my whole life. My mother sewed all of my clothes when I was young so I learned from her,” says Hope. She has been sewing nonstop ever since.

Hope and Randolph’s business began with making custom clothes for their friends. “We have a hard time fitting clothes because we’re curvy girls so I started making clothes for us and people would always ask where we got them,” says Hope. That’s how SPS Designs started.

SPS Designs offers a full interactive experience. Not only are customers able to chat directly with Randolph and Hope but they also become the designer. SPS Designs makes all of their patterns so they can tweak them to fit the customer accordingly.

Customers are completely involved in the design experience from beginning to end. They chose their merchandise item, pick their fabric, customize it to fit their body, and SPS Designs hand-makes the creation to order. Customers can also make changes to the neckline and sleeves.

SPS Designs offers contemporary designs and unique fashion-forward items, mixed with trendy styles. Most of their design inspiration comes from places outside the U.S.

“We get a lot of inspiration from overseas because they are so fashion forward and it takes a while for those trends to come to America,” says Randolph.

However, SPS Designs has no plans to outsource. “Only three percent of clothing is American made. It’s all outsourced overseas. We want to keep everything handmade and hand sewn here in Charlotte,” says Hope.

Randolph and Hope’s favorite part of the business is making women feel confident and satisfied with their products. “I like when people are happy with their outfits and we receive good feedback,” says Hope.

If you are a Charlotte resident, interested in receiving a custom piece from SPS Designs, contact Monica Randolph and Alyssa Hope at If you are not local, you can still purchase a SPS Designs piece at Men’s items are offered on their website as well.