Southern Foods at Home 6

Delivering Healthy Options Right to Your Door

For more than 60 years, Southern Foods at Home has provided families with gourmet, healthy, all natural foods delivered straight to their homes. They specialize in fresh meats, poultry and seafood. If your family is looking to eat healthier, you may want to consider using Southern Foods at Home to provide your dinner.

“We have any protein you can think of from ground chicken to ground elk. These are higher quality, safer meats and we are doing all the leg work for you,” says Southern Foods at Home manager, Carrie West. All of their proteins and vegetables are frozen and individually packaged. This is very convenient for families with different eating habits. “If the wife is a vegetarian and the husband is fully carnivorous, he can take one steak out and cook it,” says West.

Many of Southern Foods at Home’s customers contact them when someone in their family has food-related illnesses such as, Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, or food allergies. “About 60-80 percent of our customers have some sort of health impairment or food allergy,” says West.

Southern Food at Home is changing lives through their meal delivery service.  West said, “We’ve had women look at us and say I truly think you saved my husband’s life because his diabetes were really bad before your services and now he’s able to live a much healthier life.”

In another Southern Food at Home family, each member had different food allergies and the mother was forced to fix four different meals each night. With Southern Foods at Home’s services, she was able to sit down and have dinner with her family for the first time.

Southern Foods at Home customizes meals based on health concerns and the families’ preferences. “Our meal delivery is 100 percent customized, down to the exact number of pieces of protein,” says West.

The company’s proudest moments are welcoming a new customer to the Southern Food at Home family. “Southern Foods at Home values our families. We love building relationships with them, watching their kids grow up and their eating habits change. It’s very excited for us,” says West.

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