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Destination: Hawaii

Why is Hawaii still a favorite travel hot spot among Charlotte residents?

Ask almost anyone about their dream destinations and Hawaii never fails to make the short list.  The beautiful landscape of beaches and volcanoes combine with the fresh, fragrant tropical breeze to create a desirable vacation spot for everyone.  In addition, the ease of traveling without needing a passport, changing currency or navigating a language barrier makes the idea of travel to Hawaii even more desirable.

How can I get started planning a Hawaii vacation?

When planning a Hawaiian adventure, the first consideration involves choosing which islands to visit.

Each of the six islands offer their own special treasures.  In Oahu visitors especially love the beautiful Waikiki beach of Oahu, whereas one might choose to experience the magnificent waterfalls in Maui,  or check out the activity at Volcanoes National Park on the big island.  The list is long and full of both historic and natural landmarks, so be sure and do your research or speak with a travel agent who can help you choose the best option for you and your family.

Who can help me here in Charlotte?

Classic Vacations, a top rated luxury vacation company specializing in Hawaii, has partnered with agents of locally-owned Mann Travels to offer one of a kind experiences on the Aloha islands.  Mann Travels’ experienced vacation designers are experts at finding great hotel offers and special amenities for travel  to this unforgettable tropical destination. Whether it’s exotic sightseeing you seek for your family vacation, a romantic getaway for you and someone special, or just some good, old-fashioned R & R on a tropical beach, a Hawaiian vacation offers it all.