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Local dog trainer, Rebecca Gibson, of Flyaway Geese on Training her Collies to “Herd not Hurt”


Flying south for the winter? Canada Geese have no trouble finding the warmer weather, and in recent years have made Charlotte their home.  While South Charlotte is an area embracing our natural habitat, if not contained properly, our migratory friends can become a real problem for local businesses, schools and airports in the area.

Enter Flyaway Geese.  Rebecca Gibson, owner of Flyaway Geese, has offered Goose Control to the Charlotte and Raleigh area for over 17 years. Goose Control provides a humane alternative for corporate properties looking to safely relocate their Geese population.

According to Gibson there are several reasons why it is important to discourage Geese from nesting on corporate, residential or commercial properties. Geese graze on lawns and destroy property while using the bathroom more than four times each day. Goose manure is extremely messy and can pose health risks.

Geese can also be very aggressive, especially during nesting season, which can be a liability for businesses. “If a Canada Goose attacks someone on a private property and the property does not have signage alerting people that a nesting goose can be aggressive, they can be held liable,” says Gibson.


These birds have made these properties their homes because they feel safe and most of the time, there are no natural predators in the area. “Since it is not safe to introduce wolves, coyotes or alligators into commercial and residential areas, Border collies are a natural solution,” stated Gibson. Geese naturally fear coyotes and wolves. Unlike other breeds of dogs, border collies behave and move like natural predators.

“When a bird sees a border collie with its head down and tail between its legs, it automatically associates that body movement with that of a predator,” says Gibson.  While the dogs mean no harm, this behavior is very intimidating to geese and they will eventually move on to a “predator” free environment within two weeks to a month.

Geese that are herded regularly by border collies will seek a safer place to live. Flyaway Geese’s border collies do not harm the birds. They simply herd the Geese off the property and do not have any physical contact with geese.

Overall, using a highly-trained border collie to drive off geese is a very efficient and natural way to solve a facility’s geese problem. Flyway Geese brings border collies onto properties to drive away geese while being monitored and led by experienced technicians.

If you or anyone you know needs help with their nuisance bird problem, feel free to contact Flyaway Geese at 910.975.8773.