Outdoor Cooking…Really? 2

When you think of cooking, it’s hard not to immediately picture your dream kitchen, probably something big and fancy, maybe the highlight of your dream house.  But what if you don’t have that dream kitchen just yet, or you’re entertaining a large group? What about when you just want to change it up?

When you cook outdoors you can make everything that you prepare indoors, outside, and it’ll taste a lot better because your grill is a flavor factory!  Many are scared off though because they’re not sure what tools and spices to use or cooking techniques.  The answer is an outdoor cooking class.

Today many people are renovating and building decks and outdoor kitchens but missing out on the best cooking environment in their home.  Classes are usually taught in private homes because people want to learn how to cook on their equipment.  Sometimes it’s a group of friends or neighbors for a fun night out, or businesses who want to entertain clients.  Whatever the makeup every group is excited to step up their grilling game.  Every class is different because they are customized to what food the group wants to learn about.  We even do beer or wine menu pairing classes so your food will be perfect with your beverage.

Classes begin by going over the basics of grilling versus smoking, tools to buy, spices to have on hand, and then cooking techniques.  Then we get down to the crucial thing, cooking.  We start with appetizers, move on to main dishes and side items, then dessert and everything goes on the grill. In between a lot of Q&A, time in between courses to socialize, a lot of food, and a great time.  Lamb ribs, tenderloin pinwheels, stuffed peppers, grilled fruit, pizzas, and a lot more.  Classes are just as much fun for me as the group, so when you’re looking to WOW your circle or just looking for a great night out think about stepping your grilling game up to the next level.