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How Boardroom Advisory Group Can Help You Stand Out

As an executive branding, marketing and 4K HD Video interview company, Boardroom Advisory Group helps experts position themselves as an authority” in their respective industry to strengthen credibility and communicate a Trust Factor optimizing their business and personal brand.

There are others who provide branding, marketing and standard video services. What we exclusively do is position our members as an “industry authority” through an exclusive combination of personalized web landing pages, personalized corporate email addresses, expertly written content, 3rd party press releases and professional 4K HD video produced on location at your meeting (convention center, hotel or office).

Our growing and diverse network of independent experts communicates authenticity, credibility and trust.  Our members define their industry expertise and strengthening credibility directly with their target audience.

Boardroom Advisory Group’s strategy works due to carefully and strategically tailoring our services to our member’s needs resulting in a distinctive image that gives a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our exclusive combination of offerings intellectually, verbally and visually stimulates, resonates and compels your target audience to engage with you and your company.


Why did you build this company?

With a strong, successful background in business development with public, private and start-up organizations, I realized a professional services business development need was not being addressed in the Charlotte Community or anywhere else in the country.  Specifically, professionals who possess strong industry or subject matter expertise needed a way to position themselves as a true “authority” within their respective industry.

These professionals fall under two categories; Executives-in-transition and small business/Soloprenuers.

Executives-in-transition refers to mid to senior/C-level executive who has been impacted by  corporate downsizing.  Many of these individuals have held multiple leadership roles within their organization, have participated on industry panel discussions, authored articles and books, spoken at industry events, etc.  I could go on and on. The key is these individuals have experience and knowledge that companies are looking for either on a consultative or full time basis. I have found that many of these executives-in-transition are testing the waters by starting their own independent consultancy.  This is where Boardroom Advisory Group comes into play.  We provide instant corporate affiliation and strong brand recognition as part of a larger company for our members.  Members remain as independent service providers. However, the addition of the Boardroom Advisory Group corporate name and logo on a members LinkedIn profile, business cards, email signature etc. communicates instant credibility.

Similarly, small business and solopreneurs are looking to uniquely strengthen their industry credibility, seeking ways to position themselves as an authority within their industry and compete for business.  Furthermore, as part of a larger “invitation only” membership with Boardroom Advisory Group, our members remain independent business owners who enjoy the benefits and value of being affiliated with a larger consultancy…without incurring the large franchise fee, partnership fees or revenue split.

What is the value you provide to your members?

Boardroom Advisory Group helps experts and executives position themselves as an “authority” in their respective industry to strengthen credibility and communicate value to accelerate growth of business and personal brands.

We provide tools to more effectively establish a members industry authority including:

• Personalized Web pages for stronger online presence & SEO ranking.

• 4K HD Video interviews to demonstrate industry knowledge & expertise.

• Press releases to reinforce the “trust factor” through 3rd party validation.

• Integrated social media platforms, which are crucial in today’s business environment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Understanding the critical needs for executives and small business in today’s environment, I enjoy helping others succeed.  This success has helped Boardroom Advisory Group grow. In fact, our growth is 100% organic.  I consider each member a friend and as such, promote these members to their respective audience each and every chance I have.

What are the most important skills that someone in your position needs to have?

By far, the most important skill is to be able to network without selling.  My belief is that when an executive or professional sees value in positioning themselves as an authority within their industry, they will seek to understand the various assets Boardroom Advisory Group implements helping to differentiate a member, elevating their particular expertise above the competition.

For further information about Boardroom Advisory Group and how to become a member, please call Steve Driben at 704.557.9097, visit