8.2.0 Emerges as Charlotte’s Newest Favorite Hotspot 6

Come for drinks, and stay for the vibe.

What do you call a night out that includes craft cocktails on draft, arcade games, and an upscale karaoke lounge? Before August of this year, we would have called that concept hectic. After all, nobody wants to spend their Saturday night hopping from one establishment to the next. Fortunately, the need for barhopping seems to have become a thing of the past, and the owners of another favorite Charlotte hangout, VBGB, are leading the way. So, if you find that you’ve grown tired of the same old scene, allow us to introduce you to 8.2.0, the Queen City’s newest, hottest spot for adult fun.

From the moment you walk through the door of 8.2.0, you know you are in an entirely different kind of atmosphere. The creative juxtaposition of concrete floors and luxury lighting is the perfect complement to the eclectic crowd you’ll find there. Whether you’re looking for casual, low-key entertainment, a reason to wear your weekend best, or something in between, 8.2.0 has you covered. Our advice is to start with one of the two main bars, both of which are literally stocked to the ceiling and graced with a vibrant, welcoming staff that you will absolutely love talking to. Order a signature Boba cocktail, and see where your evening takes you.

Perhaps it will take you for a walk down memory lane, when congregating with your buddies at the local arcade was the only entertainment that mattered. Classic arcade lovers, rejoice. Pac Man and ski ball can now be enjoyed with a craft cocktail in hand. Bring your competitive spirit, but don’t wear it out in the 8.2.0 arcade. Be sure to save a bit of that tenacity for when you battle it out with your friends, rock star style, in the karaoke lounge.

As you make your way to the lounge, you’ll notice a stark contrast between the vibe in this room and that of the arcade. That’s the point. The owners of 8.2.0 want to help you make the most of your time away from work and the hustle of your daily routine. In our opinion, making you feel like a celebrity is definitely a step in the right direction. You will love how it feels to walk onto the stage (complete with lighting, props and backup singers if you need them) to belt out your favorite tune. If you prefer to spectate, you can rent one of the lavish elevated booths that are available and never have to worry about finding comfortable seating. In either case, the VIP experience that you will find in the 8.2.0 karaoke lounge isn’t something you’ll find in other karaoke joints around Charlotte.

You can say the same for the soundproofing in 8.2.0, which is truly exceptional. If listening to amateur vocalists is not your style, don’t fret. You won’t hear a single note from outside of the karaoke room’s glass walls. And if you really want to get away, find The Library that has a secret entrance and feels like a speakeasy inside.

The menu is as fun as the atmosphere, from cauliflower crust personal pizza and large slices of NY Style pie (Try the Gigi) to pomme frittes with 20+ different dipping sauces and gourmet meatballs served in a cone. There’s even a walk up pizza window!

The event space, three different rooms (Paris, New York and Lounge) totaling 4000 square feet will surely be in demand this season with no rental fee but food and beverage minimums. To schedule a tour or book an event, private or corporate, contact Alyssa.VBGBUptown@gmail.com

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