Fall for Comfort (Food)

Fall is the time of year when everyone slows down to take a breath. An hour of time is given back to use as one pleases. The sun sets sooner bringing in the relaxation that comes with evening time. Soon it will be time for comfy sweaters and socks, which almost always leads to kicking back with a favorite comfort food.

Comfort foods are mesmerizing in that they often soothe the palate and the soul. They fall into many categories of sweet and savory. Ranging from custard pies to beef stews. People enjoy comfort foods because they not only taste good but they offer them opportunity to reflect on memories responsible for making the particular food significant in the first place.

There is nothing like racing home from school in the fall when there is just enough chilly air to make you want hot cocoa and banana bread, or chili and cornbread with Monday night football. Everyone loves a great casserole, my favorite of all time is macaroni and cheese – the ultimate comfort food – the great stand alone.

Macaroni and cheese can be made traditionally or it can be transformed by adding other ingredients and flavors such as chicken breast, bleu cheese, and hot sauce to make buffalo macaroni and cheese. Chili can be added to make southwest macaroni and cheese. No matter what extras are added, the comfort of macaroni and cheese is happiness on a plate.

Traditionally macaroni and cheese is prepared with a variety of cheeses, milk, butter, and a roux. However, it is not necessary to use a roux to make a sauce for macaroni and cheese. Adding warm milk to warm pasta and cheese will naturally create a velvety sauce. It is ok to skip the roux and make this favorite comfort food all about the cheese, enjoy.

Chef Tay,

Love Food, Love People.