Chicken Soup for Every Soul

As winter approaches we begin to add layers of warmth to what we choose to wear daily. Out come the hats, scarves and gloves. One of the most satisfying edible layers of warmth is the comfort of soup. There are many kinds of soups – broths and chowders are the most common with chicken noodle being the likely favorite. Everyone loves a good chicken noodle soup. Some are heartier and creamy in texture almost resembling a stew. Chicken noodle soup is also popular for its ability to balance an upset stomach and calming effect on cold symptoms.

Soon to appear in winter is the excitement of the holidays where everyone enjoys all the pleasures of cake and pies, turkey and stuffing, but once the holidays are gone soup remains to accompany all through the rest of winter.

Many restaurants and grocery stores offer several soups as a convenience item. Most restaurants purchase a pre-made item that is heated and poured into a kettle and everyone is aware of the many varieties of can choices high in sodium that can be chosen in the soup isle.

There is nothing more satisfying than homemade soup and a trip to your local farmer’s market can make it all possible. There you will find all the fresh ingredients you need for mirepoix such as celery, carrots, and onions. Fresh herbs (preferably sage and thyme) should be added to the pot right at the end. The farmer’s market may also provide you with a fresh loaf of French bread to go along with your soup. Bon appetit’!

Chef Tay

Love people, Love Food.