Ditch the Dull! 2

Swell Decor on Defining Your Space

Interior design is defined by Google as “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.” When defined in its most simplistic and generalized form interior design seems…well, quite dull. -Craziness!

Swell Décor interior design believes that interior design is ANYTHING but dull. As the co-founders of Swell Décor, we are grounded in our beliefs that design is best created with delicate, stylistic precision in collaboration with clients.

This textured and timelessly modern home is family friendly without having to sacrifice design. At Swell Décor, we have numerous clients with young children that get in on the interior design fun as well. From family living spaces to unique play areas; we strive to make a home its own. We aren’t afraid to be bold with fabrics, art pieces, mirrors, etc., yet we don’t shy away from simple ways to maximize the space for functionality and fashion. In this Cotswold home in particular, every room was designed thinking “out of the box”.  This dining area creates a focal point to the regal rug that ties in perfectly with the drapery. And the eye can’t ignore the relationship of dynamic textures between the dining table and chairs. There will be many special memories created around the holidays and on every day occasions in this unique dining room.

For a more relaxed eating space, this family can indulge in their favorite morning cereals or splurge on some midnight ice cream with a window view from the architectural wooden chairs. Or others may prefer to take in the views of home from the cozy window seats. The captivating light fixture is sure to brighten the room and create design conversation to top the room off.

Thinking in a timely sense, where do you find yourself navigating to after partaking in a delicious meal? –The living room of course! And this home doesn’t have just one but two delightful spaces furnished for optimal relaxation. There is something about a warm mink colored sofa accompanied by a pair of Barcelona chairs that soothes the soul.

Your home isn’t a place where you simply exist; it’s a place where you will have vivid imagery for many years to come, where you and your family will create a safe haven. At Swell Décor, we are focused on designing your home as you have always imagined. Take in these rooms. You may think, “isn’t that swell” but don’t forget, these designs can be uniquely yours as well.