November 2016 Travel Destination 2

Alaskan Paradise

The state of Alaska is unlike any other destination in the United States. A vacation to our 49th state offers untamed wilderness, breathtaking scenery and limitless adventure. Here are the top FIVE reasons travelers consider Alaska a must-see destination:

  1. Wilderness – Alaska is bigger than the 22 smallest states in the US all added together, yet it is home to just over 700,00 people. With only 20% of the state accessible by road, Alaska is so pristine and unusual. Where else can you truly feel like you are getting away from it all?
  2. Mountains – Alaska is home to 17 of the 20 tallest mountains in North America, including the big daddy of them all – Mt. McKinley – rising to a jaw-dropping, snow-capped 20,320 feet. Many vacationers enjoy seeing these mountains from the air – a “flightseeing” provides awesome panaromas….but the vistas are pretty spectacular from just about any vantage point!
  3. Glaciers – The stunning experience of walking on an icy glacier is a quintessential Alaskan activity. There are many that are accessible and popular including more than 50 named glaciers in the must-visit Glacier Bay.
  4. Denali National Park – The park is Alaska’s most popular land attraction because it boasts so many of the state’s most famous sights: Mt McKinley, unspoiled wilderness and lots of wildlife. Make sure your trip to Alaska includes some time to hike and be adventurous on one of several trails available.
  5. Wildlife – Probably the biggest reason vacationers are drawn to an Alaska experience is the chance to see wildlife. From whales to bears, from moose to bald eagles – Alaska offers visitors a glimpse of these fabulous creatures in their natural habitat.

And – There are SO many more reasons…cedar planked wild salmon (yum), tall tales of gold rushers, sales-tax-free shopping, totem poles from native cultures, deep sea fishing, great photography opportunities— the list is endless and so are the ways to visit Alaska. Call an experienced vacation specialist at Mann Travels to help you sort through the different ways to see the great state.