Structural and Ornamental Metalwork in Charlotte 3

An elegant touch added to your Southern property by Charlotte’s own Master Fabrication

There is so much to be said for local businesses. Not only do they strengthen the local economy, but they also have a unique way of helping us forge lasting relationships with other members of our community. These are the connections that keep Charlotte alive; they preserve the vibrancy of this unique, historic city that we all love so much.

One such local business, Master Fabrication, may fall into a niche that doesn’t often come to mind, but it provides a service that contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of our Queen City. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve seen the work of Chris Crumpler on more than one occasion; ornamental metalwork is such an intrinsic part of our local scenery. It’s so much more than wrought iron fencing and staircases, however. Whether you are looking for a way to add visual appeal to your home or simply want to maintain or repair structures in your business, the residential and commercial metalworking services provided by Master Fabrication are sure to add that special touch that speaks to the elegant, formidable character of our southern lifestyle.

These qualities are among the key features you’ll find in Crumpler’s work. After working as a welder and fabricator for over a decade with various other companies, he knew that Charlotte was the best and only place to lay the foundation for a metalworking business of his own. Of course, our community has offered tremendous support for his vision. Some would say that his creative and practical approach is the reason that his new venture has been so well received; we all love something that is as hard-wearing as it is beautiful.

Others, however, will agree that his steadfast dedication to delivering the highest quality product at the most competitive price is what has made his business so successful. Whatever challenge you may be faced with, you can be sure that Crumpler is up to the task. While the majority of Chris Crumpler’s work is centered around staircase remodels and baluster replacement, his talents extend far beyond this. If you only need something minor, such as an iron mailbox repair, or have become the victim of a do-it-yourself project that has gone awry, Master Fabrication has you covered.

Perhaps most importantly is the personalized service that clients of this business receive. Chris personally handles every job that is undertaken by his business. Not only does this safeguard your home from the costly mistakes that are often made by subcontractors, but it also ensures that your project will be a masterful work of art. Chris Crumpler’s signature touch is a part of every single project.

Master Fabrication works on jobs of all sizes and in all settings, including custom designs and mobile metalworking projects. If you have a specific design in mind, or you’ve grown tired of your home’s wooden balusters and would like to consider a more modern alternative, give Master Fabrication a call at 910.551.4257 to discuss your specific needs. You can also visit to view one of the many stunning ornamental iron staircases and ornamental exterior handrails he has completed around Charlotte and the surrounding areas.