The Palm Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary 6

For many restaurants today, striking the perfect balance between having a successful business and being an active, valued member of their community is a virtually impossible task. In many cases, owners and staff must choose between the two, and in today’s increasingly demanding marketplace, the bottom line takes precedence every time. It’s simply the state of affairs in our post-recession economy. Those few local eateries that did survive the veritable famine of 2008-2009 are more aware of their overhead costs than they have ever been before. It has completely changed the way Americans dine, not always for the better, and many of us still pine for the days when regulars were known by name and the best local spots felt more like a refuge than anything else. Fortunately for residents and visitors of SouthPark, stepping into The Palm restaurant offers all of this and so much more.

In fact, the team at The Palm in Charlotte can tell you a thing or two about staying true to the heart of their business under all types of circumstances. It has continued to thrive through several culture shifts and “foodie fads,” countless changes to the American business landscape, the Great Depression, and yes, the Great Recession. Now, as the restaurant’s 90th anniversary and 20th year as a Charlotte staple approaches, you can be sure you are getting the same superior food, service, and atmosphere that launched this restaurant to success all those years ago.

As soon as you walk through the door of The Palm, you will pick up on the fun and friendly vibe of this food-lover’s paradise. Whether it’s the delicious aroma of chef-prepared meals, the signature caricatures that adorn the walls, or the way the staff appears genuinely excited to greet you, everything about The Palm says that your time there will be very well spent. You’ll be shocked to learn that this personable, welcoming establishment is part of a national chain, boasting several locations spread across many of the most vibrant cities in the United States.

Of course, this type of growth and staying power also requires a business to be flexible and willing to evolve with consumer demands. That being said, it stands to reason that certain things about The Palm are bound to have changed over the years. For example, the original restaurant, which was opened in Manhattan in 1926, was intended to be an Italian restaurant. It’s hard to believe, but what is now known as one of the top steakhouses in Charlotte did not even have steak on its original menu. Today, its meats are so meticulously selected that you will be truly hard-pressed to find a better steak anywhere else in the Queen City.

You can also feel good knowing that your food has been responsibly sourced and prepared. The USDA prime beef that is served by The Palm is corn-fed and hand selected to satisfy the most discerning palate. Its lobsters come from Nova Scotia, where this crustacean is so superior it has become the very lifeblood of the local fishing communities. These naturally delectable staples and the expert hand of The Palm’s Executive Chef, Colin Johnson, come together in such a way that saves you from the sensory overload that has become such a standard part of the modern dining experience. So, whether you choose prime rib, a salad, or one of their decades-old Italian family recipes, you can be sure that you’re getting an honest, satisfying meal that has been expertly prepared in one of Charlotte’s most well-loved dining destinations.

As The Palm looks forward to the next 90 years of serving Charlotte’s food-loving community, they have launched an exciting new menu that offers many of the same classic dishes, along with some new, creative recipes that will inevitably become just one more reason to love The Palm.

For reservations or to learn more, visit or call 704.552.7256.