The Take Home

Do Your Pets Eat Healthier than You?

My dogs love Blue Buffalo dog food. They cannot get enough of the stuff. I feel like I should have taken out stock in the company for how often I buy it. I mean have you seen the prices of good dog food lately? Heaven forbid you pick a breed that’s bigger than average. I have friends that get the fifty-pound bags a few times a month – seriously! I was on one of my routine dog food runs when it hit me – there are a ton of options to choose from these days. Even when you settle on a certain make or brand there always seems to be a new line that comes out that’s better than everything else that came before. It’s downright confusing!

While I was hefting the usual thirty-pound blue and cream bag into my shopping cart I began to wonder, “Where did all these choices come from, anyway?” I couldn’t help but think to myself how, not too long ago, dog food was just that – dog food. The only real difference between brands that I could really remember was the color of the bag. What caused the change?

Without thinking much further I walked my order to the cashier (along with a few peanut butter flavored treats) and waited my turn in line. The woman ahead of me was holding a seven week-old puppy along with a basket just full of new dog supplies. The cashier couldn’t help but ask about the cute little bull terrier she was holding (its name was Bailey). The woman mentioned how overwhelmed she was in choosing her selections. The cashier then did what all good cashiers do and started suggesting things “all dog owners need”. When the conversation finally turned to dog food the answer to my earlier question practically smacked me across the face. “Make sure you buy the best dog food”, the cashier said, “the right nutrition not only helps your puppy live longer but also helps it have fewer health issues later on in life.”

What so many pet owners these days have discovered is that real food leads to healthier, longer living pets. What I find so crazy is that these same owners, the same ones that buy the best dog food, continue to feed themselves “fake food”, “chemistry set nutrition”, and routinely expose themselves to harsh, toxic, and un-natural chemicals! Whatever is good for your pet probably is also good for you too! Don’t you, like your pet, want to live longer, look better, feel younger, and stay healthier longer?

“Where do you start?” you might ask. That’s where I can help. We focus on health every single day in my office. We focus on your health. We start by feeding the body what it lacks. We give the body the building blocks to health. I’m routinely amazed at how healthy my patients are once they get started. Why not start right now?