Charlotte STAX Up for Fitness 7

Activate a fitter you with these tips from Emily “Breeze” Watson and STAX Bootcamp

If you’ve been on the South Charlotte Fitness scene at all in the last year, you probably know all about STAX Bootcamp and the extra buzz they are building right here in Charlotte.  We caught up with Emily “Breeze” Watson and the crew to catch the action and get a few insider tips on staying in motion.

Over the last half decade, The Queen City has been quickly gaining in the ranks among the healthiest cities in the United States. This year alone, Charlotte jumped from the 43rd spot to the 39th. This is thanks largely to our city’s collective commitment to making a positive change, along with the dedication of such big names in the fitness industry as Randy Moss and Emily Breeze Watson, arguably the most outspoken proponents for this campaign to make our city the fittest in the country.

Perhaps the best part about this community-based movement is that there is no invitation necessary. There are no rules, and the only way to do it wrong is to not do it at all. So, whether you’re just finding your way to fitness for the first time or rekindling your relationship with exercise, don’t wait. Just jump in and do it. Here are a few tips for taking that first step, courtesy of Emily Breeze Watson.

Don’t Let Inhibitions Limit You

Too often, you hear about people skipping the gym or a fitness class that interests them because they feel intimidated. While it’s certainly easy to relate (it’s tough being a beginner at anything, really), you can’t let this stop you from achieving your goals for a healthier body and better lifestyle.

“Everyone has to start somewhere,” says Watson. “At STAX, we have participants of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.” She goes on to explain that the point is to show up and give it your best shot. Again, STAX is a fitness boot camp, which means that it’s going to be tough; it’s meant to be challenging. However, as Emily explains, “It won’t be a beat down.”

Bring Someone Who Will Hold 
You Accountable

It has practically become the official mantra of the fitness industry, and for good reason. Countless behavioral and clinical studies have shown that people are better equipped to meet their wellness objectives when they enlist the support of a likeminded friend, family member, or coworker.

If you’re new to Charlotte or simply don’t know anyone who would be interested in joining you, don’t give up on the idea entirely. You may try tapping into your social media networks to see if anyone has that “friend of a friend” who has also voiced their desire to make a positive change. is also a helpful resource, and if you’re still stuck, consider partnering with someone you meet at the bootcamp.

Commit to Your Routine

Holding yourself to a specific routine each week does fall under the umbrella of accountability, but it goes beyond that, as well. This is your first step to a healthier, happier version of yourself. It’s about establishing a pattern that, after a time, becomes second nature.

“Whether you pick certain days and times of the week or just commit to a certain number of sessions per week, make it a routine,” suggests Emily. “Make it a normal part of your life. We don’t avoid work or other commitments just because we don’t feel like it. Treat fitness the same way, no excuses.”

When you’re planning your routine, choose something that will be sustainable for you. A working mom is not likely to stick with a seven-day-per-week, mid-day exercise routine; she should be able to give herself an hour-long workout least three evenings out of each week, however. The idea is not to lower the bar for yourself, but you need to be reasonable about your expectations for yourself.

If you’re unsure about how or where to begin establishing your weekly fitness schedule, start by committing to showing up every Monday evening at 6:30 pm for Charlotte’s self-proclaimed biggest and best fitness bootcamp. There, you’ll find several hundred people just like you who are striving to make themselves and our city healthier through group fitness.

Of course, Mondays aren’t going to work for every person’s schedule, but don’t fret. STAX offers a variety of classes six days per week, which hit all of the key points for everyone from beginners to seasoned performance athletes. You will even find web-based training options on Emily’s own site, as well as those catered specifically to the needs of new and expectant mothers.

Visit to get the details on the boot camp and other Crossfit offerings. Visit to learn more about online training, individual personal training, and Stroll FIT classes.