Fit and Fashionable

Stay Warm, Stylish and Fit

If you keep up with the latest trends, you may have noticed that the fitness industry is having a huge impact on fashion. Not only does fitness fashion bring comfort to your everyday routine, it also promotes healthy lifestyles. Whether or not you’re a fitness junkie, the trend of wearing active wear both inside and outside of the gym is here to stay for a while. Here are a few trends for winter that we’re excited about:

Beautiful, bold colors: In addition to neutral colors, I’m loving all sorts of deep greens, purples, and plums, as well as burgundy this winter. A lot of gym-goers wear all-black most of the time, but it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and go bold! If you think that vibrant orange, green or pink is too much for you, balance out the look with something in black such as a jacket or leggings.

Bold Prints: Designers are going all crazy with the prints as well by incorporating high-end fashion styles and inspirations from around the world into the leggings and tees so that one can look ridiculously fashionable while working out. Prints have always been popular in the fitness world, whether it’s geo prints, animal prints or stripes. You may think this is difficult to pull off but there are a variety of subtle prints you can add to your collection. You can either mix and match or even go for a set of matching top and bottoms.

Metallic: Some of the hottest active wear styles incorporate vivid and bright colors such as neon and pastel hues with a hint of metallic sheen. With metallic fabric, minimalism is key. Try and add metallic accessories to your active wear – caps, shoes and totes work well. Metallic print tees and tracks also look great.

Mesh: We also think the mesh trend is here to stay for another season or two, so bring the mesh with insets on leggings, tops, and sports bras. Mesh is playing a major fashion role in fitness clothing and from tanks to leggings, you can find it everywhere! Mesh hoodies or tank tops worn with brightly colored sports bras is a go-to workout outfit for fitness fashionistas.

Layer warm clothes over lighter fabrics like light jackets and smooth leggings (with breathable mesh, of course) so you can peel off the layers as you start to work up a sweat indoors! Pair these layered looks with cool new kicks in bold colors and prints that are anything but your basic winter palette.