Relax... 2

And treat yourself to a little luxury!

What does luxury mean to you?

For some it’s simply having the time to relax and unplug. For others, its fine wine and food served in beautiful surroundings. And for others still, it’s unforgettable experiences in the world’s most incredible destinations.

Luxury cruising accommodates all of these opportunities.

Even for cruise skeptics, the appeal of a luxury cruise vacation cannot be denied. For those with discerning tastes, it offers superb accommodations, gourmet cuisine, impeccable service, and the discovery of the world’s most exotic locales.  This is cruising that is a far departure from long lines, beach excursions and buffet lines. This is unparalleled service and pampering on a beautifully appointed ship while exploring the world’s best destinations.

According to Gary Silverstein, owner of Charlotte based Mann Travels, “All cruise lines are not created equal…and travelers should choose wisely when looking for a true luxury experience.”  And “luxury” can  mean different things to different people, so a good, experienced travel professional can help match the traveler with the best experience. Is a staff that delivers unexpected service important? Is the intimacy of a small guest count paramount? Or are unique touring experiences in far-flung destinations what matters most? For many upscale travelers, an all-inclusive price while traveling is also important so there are no additional charges for things such as wifi, alcohol, gratuities, and any other items that are extra on more traditional cruises.

Yes, luxury means many different things to different people.

It may be time to try a luxury cruise.