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Swell Design on Creating Your Perfect Master Bedroom

Serene, luxurious, romantic and welcoming are just a few words that describe the ideal master bedroom. These are the characteristics everyone should feel in their personal space of a bedroom and we strive to give our clients just that.

Whether big, small, in the middle of the room or against the wall, a master bed is meant to provide both comfort and style. It’s the focal point and pure purpose of the room.  

“Master” originated from Latin meaning principal, main, chief, biggest and most important. The definition of the root word master is applicable in interior design as well. A master bedroom is meant to be grand and the most important room. You may not spend the majority of your time in the master bedroom but it’s what nurtures you and provides peace and rest to refuel your spirit for your everyday life. After a long day of working, running the kids around, or just enjoying a nice day outside, it’s the best feeling knowing my bed is there to great me. I am almost positive I’m not alone in saying that I look forward to the moment I can step foot into my bedroom and unwind. We all look forward to pulling down the plush comforter and velvety soft sheets, to curling up against a plethora of pillows and just letting out a sigh of relief and relaxation.

In these master bedrooms in particular we focused on warm color tones and clean lines to create simplicity and sophistication. We usually try to keep the master as calm, cool, and collected as possible and choose to be more expressive and risky in other areas in a home. A master bedroom is the most personal room in a home, so we are deliberate in picking a color pallet that meets our clients’ desires. Greys, earthy browns, or an off white make the best neutral wall color. Neutral walls give us more leeway for creativity and make it easier to add subtle pops of color.

At Swell Décor, we like to incorporate other complementary pieces of furniture and style to unite all elements of the room.  A spacious seating area, an eye-catching headboard and an aesthetic art piece encompass the ideal elements of a master bedroom Without these common yet unique details and accents, the bedroom would just be a bedroom and not a personal sanctuary.

Our design philosophy centers around the idea that a welcoming home is collected over time, not decorated overnight. For your master bedroom to achieve sweet serenity, transform into a safe place, and provide superlative sleep satisfaction, seek Swell Décor and we will make your master dreams into everyday reality.