The Morning Ritual

Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Who enjoys waking up in the morning? How many people set their alarms to the last possible minute allowable to get to work on time? And further, because “waking up” can be such a hurdle, how does this set your attitude and outlook for the rest of the day?

Follow this morning ritual for a better, more fulfilling day and a healthier life.

Wake up 45 minutes to an hour earlier than you usually do. It’s proven that the most successful people wake up before they must and have even more success when performing a consistent morning ritual. Let’s wind the alarm clock back a bit and apply these steps to guarantee more energy, a better outlook, and well-being:

1. Exercise 1-10 minutes

– This has tons of positive impacts on your conscious mind and gets you into a peak physical, emotional, and mental state. Examples: one-minute of jumping jacks, stretching or yoga, five-minute jog, etc.

2. Meditation 15-20 minutes

– This can be guided or focused meditation and will relieve you of stressors from the previous day, clear your subconscious, and prepare your mind for the day at hand. Phone apps are great for this (Omvana is one I recommend).

3. Affirmations 5 minutes

– Write down an affirmation that is specific to what you would like to accomplish in the short term (these are always in rough draft format, meaning you will be changing them once achieved or mastered). Be as specific as possible in terms of your goals. Include WHAT you will achieve, your WHY, obstacles you may face along the way, HOW you will overcome these obstacles, and WHEN you will accomplish this.

4. Visualization 5 minutes

– Visualize not just the image of success but FEELINGS. How will you feel having accomplished this goal in your affirmations, how will this make a difference in your life?


– Read for ten minutes on a subject that will improve an area in your life. This could be career-focused or relationship based. If you read ten pages a day and did this for one year, that’s 3,650 total pages, equaling over 18, 200 page books – huge impact to personal potential!

6. Application 10 minutes

– Simply write down the take-aways from what you read and, if applicable, how you can implement it into a part of your day or life in general.

With application of these steps into a morning ritual that AM alarm sound will soon associate a better feeling and subsequently increase positivity and productivity throughout your day. Don’t wait to start though, the best time to do anything is in the moment so 
“Do it now, there’s only so many tomorrows.”

Jim Berger splits his time between personal training management and real estate – Fitness Director for Fitness Connection and REALTOR for The Tocado Realty Group, located in Ballantyne. He aspires to help all clients, in either avenue, in fulfilling their own goals and dreams.