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Signature Healthcare Delivers World-Class Concierge Medicine for the Whole Family

When was the last time your physician’s office staff told you that you could be seen immediately? For most people, that is an extremely rare occurrence, if they have ever experienced it at all. Instead, you’re greeted by an automated phone tree, and when you do finally hear a human voice, you’re instructed to “please hold.” It’s certainly not ideal, especially if you keep a tight schedule or have medical concerns, and it can almost always be attributed to physician overload. There’s no lack of compassion there; they simply have too many patients. Your case is just one in a long queue of patients waiting to be answered or seen. We’ve all been there, but wouldn’t it be so nice if we could just skip to the front of the line?

Historically, only celebrities and other public figures have enjoyed this privilege. Hiring a personal physician came at a quite a premium, but for obvious reason, those who could afford this service did not think twice about paying the fee. Today, however, concierge medicine is a very realistic possibility for people in a variety of circumstances. You will pay a membership fee, of course, but you can forget about those scary multimillion dollar retainers. Concierge medicine has become very accessible and affordable, and we have one such practice right here in Charlotte.

Signature Healthcare was established in 2003 as the go-to provider of personalized, executive-level medical services, and it has since strengthened its foothold as the leader in concierge medicine in the Carolinas. They offer a complete suite of medical services, ranging from primary care to women’s health, geriatric medicine, weight management, and so much more. Most recently, they have launched Signature Pediatrics, the first and only pediatric concierge practice in our region.

Whether you are visiting Signature Healthcare or Signature Pediatrics, the standard of care that you can expect to receive includes same-day appointments (either in-office or via telemedicine, depending on the case and your preference), around-the-clock access to your team of physicians by phone or email, and little to no wait time when you arrive for your appointment. What’s even better is the extent of the services that are made available to members of the practice. In most traditional medical practices, a need for x-rays, bloodwork, IV medication, or fluids would require a trip to the hospital or another facility. Signature Healthcare and Signature Pediatrics provide all of these services on-site, which means you can skip the germ-ridden emergency room wait in favor of a spa-like atmosphere where your privacy and comfort are treated with utmost respect and care.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that concierge medicine should be reserved for those with severe or complex diseases, however. While same-day “sick appointments” are certainly one of the key benefits, members of the practice also enjoy a superior level of preventive care. Because Signature Healthcare and Signature Pediatrics maintain lower patient-to-doctor ratios than other medical practices, they are able to offer extended appointment times with a comprehensive approach to preventive care and health. This is often enhanced with a follow-up annual physical letter which reviews lab work and plans for maximizing health. Concierge doctors are able to take their time with you, ensuring that you are extremely well-educated about yours and your children’s health and treatment options available.

If your lifestyle demands heavy travel, your Signature physician will prepare your travel kit, call in out-of-state prescriptions if required, and direct you to the nearest medical facility, should you experience an emergency.

Interested parties who are not yet members are welcome for a handful of services, as well. If you’d like to experience the Signature Healthcare difference before you commit to a membership, consider scheduling your one-time executive physical or school sports physical here. The practice has offices in SouthPark and Uptown, both of which can be reached by calling 704-554-8787. Visit SignatureHealthcare.org or SignaturePediatrics.org to learn more.