Letter from the Editor

The summer before my final year at Davidson, I had the opportunity to intern with Crisis Assistance Ministry. It was my shaky introduction to a bevy of new things: a long morning commute on 74, the realities of poverty in Charlotte, and the equal parts sweet and steely leadership of a strong woman in the form of Carol Hardison. It was then that I came to understand exactly what folks meant when they said someone’s presence could fill a room. The CEO glowed, with kindness and competency and pure clout. Her savvy mastery of her role inspired me to grab hold of my own reins.

There’s a constant dialogue between women, evidenced by my bespectacled, 20-year-old admiration for Hardison. We need strong, female leaders to act as role models, and in Charlotte, we’ve got plenty of them to choose from. On page 18, we’ve profiled Hardison and two other astoundingly successful Charlotte women, Dianne Bailey and Mayor Roberts, and asked them to share some of their tips for success with all you aspiring women.

Our city is bursting with all sorts of inspirational women these days. Female brewers and fashion designers are bridging societal dichotomies and creating new definitions of womanhood. And partnerships between the sexes, like Joe and Katy Kindred’s, extend far beyond marriage and into business (and the kitchen).

We hope this issue inspires you as much as it does us.

Emily Glaser

PS. I forgot to introduce myself! I’m a native of Charlotte, a passionate writer, and the new Editor at South Charlotte Lifestyle! I’m so excited to bring you more inspiring issues like this one.