An Artistic Abode 4

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”, says renowned creative Twyla Tharp. That is certainly the case for this South Park resident and current client of Swell Décor. The style that she had in mind was “contemporary craft.” Our goal was to style the home around her impressive inherited art collection. We complemented the character of the home with her eclectic flair to meet all her style needs and wants. It’s really special when we are able to have a primary style or artifact from which we can gather design inspiration, especially sentimental accents, which add a lot of meaning to a home.

This home is not like an art museum where the art stands alone. When we were presented with the various pieces of art, we knew we wanted to tell a unique story in each room while also creating a consistent style throughout. These pieces are still focal points, but the furniture and decor needn’t drift into the background. We completed four rooms for this specific client, but continue to add our design touches in other parts of her home. We base our business on being an interior design asset from day one and on, creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.

It’s truly a privilege to be able to give art a home, because even though art has the power to take people to other places, it should have a place to “call home” as well.