March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Detractors of our Southern city may scoff at the notion that our city is a mecca of vibrant arts and culture. This issue proves them wrong.

It’s a testament to our thriving arts scene, a scene that’s flourished in the past decade, expanded to include artists of all mediums and a broader definition of culture that encompasses people of all backgrounds, races, genders and cultures.

A day well spent in the Queen City offers all types of aesthetic, creative experiences: art from all areas of the globe and all spans of time, an introspective peering into our Southern history, delicate and modern flavors on artful plates, and a symphonic ode savored alongside a crisp brew.

We may have traditional values, but that doesn’t mean we’re not modern in our aesthetics and pursuits, avant-garde in our art and proud of our culture. We can make the best tea this side of the Mississippi and smile real sweet, but we can also propose cogent commentary on modern art and boost our community and culture from the inside out.

“Each day, Charlotte is growing into a leading arts and culture city in the South,” says the McColl Center’s Armando Bellmas. It’s a sentiment that comes up again and again in this issue, articulated from the mouths of curators and directors, chefs and musicians. And it’s the sentiment that drives this magazine—not just in the Art & Culture issue, but every issue.

Emily Glaser