On the Wall of... 1

Mint Curator Jon Stuhlman

It’s not a curator’s desk that defines him, but his walls. Step inside the office of Mint Curator Jon Stuhlman where the walls serve as his canvas. It’s where he works on upcoming exhibitions, working out the layout in miniature on his own walls (pictured here, the Wyeth Family Exhibit). It’s 
also where he, like so many of us, pins and posts his 
personal inspirations.

1. “In general, the blue outlines with all of the little images taped around them are a scaled version of our special exhibition galleries at Mint Museum Randolph with scale versions of the Wyeth paintings.”

2. “This is a piece by Marcus Bjernerup, an artist that I met in graduate school and whose work was featured in the first show that I ever curated.”

3. “That’s a section from the scrolling paper in the visitor response area of our current Leo Twiggs exhibition. The show is a cycle of nine paintings done in response to the shootings in Charleston in 2015. Visitors can sit at a table and respond to what they have seen by writing or drawing, and can reply to each other’s responses as well – it was a way for us to encourage dialogue within the gallery space.”

4. This box contains the catalogue for our upcoming exhibition at MMU in April: “State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now.”


5. As they say, all work and no play would make for a dull day. Stuhlman’s walls also feature some of his personal favorites and pieces close to his heart. To the right of his plans for Wyeth, you’ll find… “Two paintings still to be placed; an image of a Marsden Hartley painting that I like; a painting that I made while in graduate school (the square one with rocks and sky); a small photograph by Durham artist MJ Sharp; and various postcards from various other exhibitions by artists that I like.”