April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

My earliest memories take place in the garden. Picking crimson raspberries warmed by the summer sun. Rinsing the wrinkled bodies of carrots in the cool pool of a watering can. The floral push of a lily’s scent. Roly polies and earth worms.

For most Charlotteans, the garden is home. The two notions are inherently tied, so that it’s difficult to discuss one without the other. Or at least, that’s how it felt as we worked on our Home & Garden Issue.

Everyone we talked with, from young chefs to aged gardeners, recalled those sweet, Southern memories that tie the home to the garden. Chef Ryan of Dogwood Southern Table, for instance, remembers shelling and shucking the fruits of his grandmother’s garden on her squeaky front porch (how many of us don’t have a memory like that?).

But for some of Charlotte’s citizens, especially the younger ones, gardens are foreign places and the growth of food and flowers a mystery. Which is why the local nonprofits in our feature article, F.A.R.M.S. and 100 Gardens, are so important. These young organizations are intentionally reintroducing farms and gardens to Charlotte, through school programs and market introductions that help farmers and hungry mouths alike.

In Charlotte, gardens of the literal and figurative variety grow tall and strong. May yours do the same.

Emily Glaser, Editor