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Achieve Any Home Style with Flooring

The key to the perfect room lies not in the furniture or the walls, but in its very foundation: the floors. Check out how these four totally different looks are achieved through the proper, stylish base from Hughes Flooring. Hughes Flooring celebrates their 40th anniversary this month, so you know they’re experts! For decades they’ve been helping homeowners across the region find the perfect flooring to complete their look; now you can, too.


Think wood can’t be chic and modern? Think again. High gloss styles like this 5″ engineered Brazilian Teak provide luxe sheen. Plus, it’s the perfect blank palate to let your modern style be loud—crimson chairs and a structural light fixture don’t overwhelm with this dark, clean-cut floor as a backdrop. Paired with a breathtaking view of a cityscape or even nature’s bounty, this floor sets the quiet foundation for the room and lets the view do the talking.


Tile is a surprising find for a liberally-minded interior. It’s crisp and clean, a blank slate (pun intended) for bold pops of color and captivating textures. A smooth, ceramic tile is a simple setting that doesn’t overpower, letting eclectic accessories like shapely vases, eye-catching floral arrangements or even adventurous artwork hold the attention. Here the creamy chairs blend seamlessly with the tiles floors, but we can also imagine them as a home base for classy leather. Want to up the cozy factor started by the fireplace? Throw a fluffy rug on the tiles to warm them up.


The kitchen is the undisputed center of the home, and wood floors make it as welcoming as the scent of grandma’s cookies. These warm 5″ engineered Brazilian Teak floors pair perfectly with the provincial feel of the canteen to create that homey atmosphere we all love. Their rich, nutty color also keeps these white cabinets from feeling too sterile. Darker wood floors like these come with a bonus: in rooms like the kitchen where spills and crumbs are apt to happen, a dark floor hides those imperfections and accidents. It’s our little secret.


A rustic room is incomplete without dark, masculine floors to pull the look together. Paired with carpet or tile, this look would fall flat or veer into the cheesy; but with a strong, “exotic 5” engineered hardwood base, it’s a cool look worthy of any outdoorsman. The dark wood hearkens back to hunting cabins of yore, shined to this modern sheen that keeps the look from being too woodsy. The wood maintains its grain beauitfully, so the wood looks as real as the skulls on the wall. Luxe leather and rustic furniture find balance in the floors that unite the looks into one arcadian whole.