May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

We’re a city perfectly positioned for travel. A speedy drive to the west or east drops you at the foot of mountains or the shores of the ocean. Southern hotspots like Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta are close enough for weekend getaways. Incredible Carolinian beaches and their auxiliary charming towns dot the coastline, awaiting our summer vacations under crystalline skies (see our Feature, page 22). Charlotte Douglas International Airport, with its renowned rocking chairs and easy navigation, makes the entire world—from Southeast Asia (page 20) to Puerto Rico (page 16)—a viable destination. Ironically, part of what makes our city so great is how easy it is to leave.

But there’s something that always brings us back. In a word, love. A love for our town and our people. It’s love, in fact, that inspired the other side of this issue: weddings. The season is upon us, and we’ve rounded up some of the best venues and cakes around to help make all those decisions a little bit easier.

Travel broadly. Explore. Go on an adventure. We’ll be here when you return.