Not Created Equal 1

A Unique Take on a Man’s Room

There are many words in the English language that can describe a man—but how does a room describe a man? Is a manly room embellished with sports memorabilia or decked out floor to ceiling with mounted animals that they proudly caught themselves? Possibly a manly room isn’t the man cave with the stereotypical dark leather couch. Quite possibly a man’s room is a clean-lined, sophisticated, uniquely decorated office space.

Swell Décor designed this space for a medical doctor with the goal of an industrial vibe, paired with textured details. The foundation of the wooden desk is custom-made steel to satisfy the industrial look for the room. The cowhide rug is a soft yet rich touch that grabs your attention when entering the room. On the main wall, a mixture of framed photography, a pair of illuminating Egyptian-like lamps, and unique decor make this space diverse with design.

The United States is founded on the belief that all men are created equal. Conversely, for Swell Décor, all rooms are created unequal. Unequal in the sense that Swell’s designs are created with unique details tailored to meet the necessities and desires for each client’s home. Whether man, woman, child, or even pet, Swell Décor can design the perfect room for you.

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