June 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

Welcome, gentlemen, to your issue.

Charlotte is a city teeming with restaurants, sports and destinations curated just for you—just like this issue. From kitchen gadgets to the ultimate steak grilling guide, this one’s for you. We sat down with the guys at Charlotte mainstay Cajun Queen to get a taste of their famous BBQ Shrimp recipe, the perfect dish for a guy’s night in (page 16).
But if you want to go out—and with June’s promise of sun-soaked days and warm nights, why wouldn’t you?—head Uptown. Not to a bar or brewery (although we wouldn’t begrudge you those destinations either), but to a baseball game. They call it America’s favorite pastime, but it could just as easily gain the epithet “Summer’s Calling.” Is there anything more symbolically summery than a warm hot dog, a cold beer and the sound of a ballgame?

It’s summertime, fellas. Enjoy it.

Emily Glaser