The Art of Furniture Making 8

Whittled and waxed, sanded and shaved, the art of making furniture is just that: an art. It’s a craft that takes dedication, experience and an artful eye. Over the past 31 years, Tatum Galleries has perfected the art of making furniture.

When Sally and Steve Tatum first started Tatum Galleries all those years ago, it was as a showroom for Steve’s hand-crafted furniture. Each piece was delicately molded to the size and style of the client’s requests. The result was always a piece of artwork, a legacy piece that could be passed down through generations.

Over the years there was such a demand for the Tatums’ work and expertise that the business expanded to include much more: additional solid wood furniture, home decor accessories, artwork and an interior design firm. But at the core of Tatum Galleries remains handmade furniture, hewed with the finest craftsmanship.

Beneath the floors of Tatum’s showroom hides the woodworker’s workshop. Here, artists craft handmade pieces for the showroom and for custom orders. After the customer chooses the wood, style, size and design of the piece, the woodworkers mold their dreams out of warm woods in their dusty workshop. The result? Priceless, timeless art.

““I’ve always considered a piece of furniture art,” says Summer Hays of Tatum Galleries. “We say our furniture is museum quality, because some day it could be in a museum.”

It’s a craft that balances on the precipice of a bygone era, ravaged by the passing of time and the prioritization of fast furniture. But in the dusty basement of Tatum Galleries muscled men carve and whittle away at wood, bending it to their wills in the timeworn act of furniture making.