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Lucky Clays Farm Offers 505 Acres of Freedom

Take the winding backroads and blacktops east of Charlotte, following them through sprawling, vibrantly green fields and humble downtowns, over one lane bridges and a few dozen miles, and you’ll arrive at Lucky Clays Farm.

Like nature’s greatest beauties, it’s difficult to articulate the organic scope and allure of Lucky Clays Farm. Situated on 505 acres, lush with second-growth forests and open fields, Lucky Clays Farm combines conference and leisure facilities for the perfect corporate getaway.

At the heart of the enterprise is a sport that fits perfectly into this idyllic landscape: sporting clays. Judy Carpenter—the founder behind the extensive property—was an award-winning trap shooter. Uniting her passion for the sport with her passion for preservation, she purchased the property, located in Norwood, NC, in 2009.

That vision quickly grew as her team began to carve out the property. It began with a luxurious log cabin and a state-of-the-art 5-stand. When visitors exclaimed at the unparalleled standards already present in the 5-stand—including retractable storm shutters, a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen, a 160-inch projector and microphone and enough picnic tables to seat 40—Carpenter began to consider opening Lucky Clays Farm to more than her personal guests.

Today it’s an event center seemingly hand-crafted for corporate retreats. Clay target shooting is still a popular option at Lucky Clays, but the Farm also offers trap, FITASC, flurry and 5-stand shooting, as well as archery and slingshot. The facilities at Lucky Clays Farm are easily adapted depending on how a client wishes to organize his or her visit. The two-story conference center for instance can accommodate up to 70 people, classroom style, per floor. Complete with wireless internet, a 123- inch projector screen with computer display capabilities, 90-inch and 70-inch TV screens with computer display capabilities, a sound system with Blu-ray player, and wireless microphones, 
it combines the latest technology with a strong environmental ethos. Constructed with reclaimed 19th-century bricks and maple floors, the rustic-chic aesthetic makes it the perfect backdrop for a corporate holiday party or executive retreat.

Lucky Clays Farm’s commitment to modernity extends into all their practices. With extensive solar panel systems around the property, sustainable construction, high-efficiency building materials, indigenous plants and a rainwater harvesting system, they’re recognized as the state’s largest residential renewable energy system.

Like the plants that cover its acreage, Lucky Clays Farm just keeps growing. New for 2017 is the Wellness Center, which offers two tennis courts, a workout room, and two additional meeting rooms designed specifically for smaller groups. With six new energy-efficient cottages being built to complement the existing three, the farm will be able to accommodate 25 overnight guests.

Perhaps Lucky Clays Farm’s greatest amenity isn’t really an amenity at all: exclusivity. The property is an intentional departure from the daily grind and a return to nature. It’s an escape, and it feels like one. The property isn’t open to the public, so whether you’re looking for a destination for your corporate retreat or your big day, you don’t have to worry about sharing those pristine 505 acres with anyone.