Backyard Vacation 4

There’s nothing quite like a summertime vacation. The warm sand, hot sun and cool water of a getaway are incomparable—but who says you have to get away in order to enjoy the benefits of a destination? What if you could create your own escape; what if you could avoid the hassles and hold-ups of travel and instead lose yourself in your own backyard?

Metro Greenscape, Charlotte’s premier outdoor designers, can create a space that incorporates all the finest elements of the best vacations into your backyard (plus keep it looking good for years to come).


Imagine the sun-flecked tiles of a Grecian grotto, or a Spanish island soaked in sunshine. You don’t need to fly around the world to appreciate these subtle beauties; Metro Greenscape intentionally and meticulously incorporates those design elements—or any you could think of—into your own space. Luxury pieces can be shipped in from European destinations and integrated into your one-of-a-kind design. There’s also an intentional transition from indoors to out, with an elegant evolution of space that creates one cohesive home.


“Imagine an ocean with concrete all around it—do you get the feeling of the dunes in the wind?” asks Darin Brockelbank, President & Chief Visionary of Metro Greenscape. “The same thing’s true with the landscape. You can’t get to that happy place by just one element, you have to create elements around the area with color, scents and smell.” It’s about so much more than just one element: all the senses should be alert in your backyard escape, from the feel of sand beneath your toes to the scent of your favorite flower. “You should feel like you’re not in a neighborhood.”


Water combines all the best elements of those senses: the cool slip of it on skin, the gurgling trickle and drip, the glint of its shining droplets. Water can be a trigger that instantly transports you to your own kind of escape. It’s a gathering ground for friends and family, too. “A pool can be active for teenagers, a saltwater pool for healing, walk-in for older people, a tanning ledge with a few inches of water to stay cool,” says Brockelbank. “Our job is to create an atmosphere that makes them go to their happy place.”


Your happy place can quickly become your un-happy place when its burdened by upkeep and maintenance. That’s why Metro Greenscape also provides maintenance services to keep your backyard vacation destination just that. “You can come home and feel like you’re on vacation because you don’t have to do any of that work,” Brockelbank points out. “You can wake up and it’s perfect. That level of detail creates that atmosphere of escape.”