July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I’m finishing up the Outdoors Issue on the deck of a lakehouse in the middle of Tennessee’s mountains. To say I’m enjoying the outdoors at the moment is a bit of an understatement.

But in truth, there are no outdoors I enjoy quite like our own. When I moved away from the Carolinas after college, my heart ached for them. I missed the harsh sting and humid hug of our summertime sunshine, and its merry accompaniment of cicadas and crickets. I missed the way the leaves crinkled and dried in the fall, the annual dusting of snow, and the yellow burst of daffodils in spring. When I returned, I plunged back into the bright shades of our local nature, and my heart was happy.

In a city like Charlotte, you’re just a quick zip from the outdoors, with dozens of forests and protected lands right at our tire tips. Even if you don’t feel like escaping the city, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the sunshine, like outdoor concerts and restaurants. In the middle of these gorgeous Carolina summers, it’s a shame to stay inside.

This July, get outside and enjoy our outdoors. We’ll be waiting when you return.


Emily Glaser, Editor