Cookin' With Beer 30

Hailed as one of the top beer gardens in the country, most Charlotteans have been into VBGB to grab a brew. With 30 taps, 29 of which feature craft beer from around the country (that 30th tap? the classic PBR), it’s the perfect place for pints. But what many locals don’t realize is that many of those bubbly beers also make it into the snacks and dishes that are slung out of the beer hall’s kitchen.

Infusing your cooking with your favorite beer may seem intimidating, but Emily Horwath, Kitchen Manager at VBGB, assures us it’s not. “It’s fun to know that it’s easy to cook with beer—it’s much less complex than wine,” she promises.

The beer cooking connoisseur poured out her tips and recipes just for us. Cheers!