Fur-Ever Fashionable 2

If furs seem like the formal, stuffy apparel you’d find in your grandmother’s closet, think again. They’re eternally stylish (there’s a reason they’ve been a favorite of royalty for centuries) and surprisingly versatile.

The fashion staple are a timeless essential, and many furriers hail from a genealogical line as long as their coats—including Charlotte’s own Douglas & Montaldo’s Furs. The fifth generation, family-owned business learned the trade from an ancestor who was a tailor and the furrier to the Czar of Russia. The full service furrier (which is also home to the only UL certified fur cold storage vault in Charlotte) has been decking Charlotte’s best in the finest furs since 1946, so of course we turned to them for guidance.

For a polished, posh take on fall fashion, incorporate a few key fur pieces into your wardrobe. The experts at DHM walk us through their favorite furs and styles, just in time for fall.



Like all jackets, fur jackets are the integral element of a well-layered outfit. Over a casual dress in fall or with a scarf and boots in winter, jackets are the almost-all-weather piece that completes a closet. This fitted, brown sheared mink jacket offers a nipped silhouette that’s both ladylike and wearable.

PAIR WITH: Literally anything. We’re imagining this jacket paired with fall’s hippest trend, knee-high boots. Over skin-tight basics, the boots and jacket will sing.


Stoles, or formal shawls, bring to mind elegant ladies decked in ballgowns, their bare shoulders decked in sumptuous furs. Today they’re paired perfectly with evening gowns and formalwear (especially with the approach of formals season). This ranch mink stole, marked by its rich black color, is pure elegance.

PAIR WITH: Keep this one tucked away for those special occasions. Coupled with a black, floor length silk number, you’ll be the talk of the ball.


These thick, lavish coats are warm enough to keep you warm in the most frigid of temps but still sleek enough to look chic. The collars and sleeve cuffs of these frocks often feature a different fur. This stroller is decked in sheared mink and trimmed with sable for a multidimensional but polished wintertime staple.

PAIR WITH: A stroller is pure wintertime luxury and it will keep you warm—even if your bottom layer is a dress. With a richly colored a-line skirt and your favorite pair of boots, this stroller is the star.


The word “vest” hails from the romance languages, and this vest is as romantic as its namesake. Vests offer an accessible introduction to furs; they pair equally well with jeans and formalwear, transition easily between seasons, and often offer a mix of fabrics. Sable are small animals native to Russia, and their fur makes for a luscious transitional piece in this vest.

PAIR WITH: Jeans and a sweater for those first chilly fall days. We particularly love this style with chocolate leather booties and sleek dark denim.