September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

After seemingly endless weeks of beating sun and bursting storm clouds and humid air, autumn is finally here. The first signs of this most welcome season show up in color: in the yellow-tinged leaves of late summer, in the golden light of early evenings and, more importantly, in the swaths of creamy cashmere and dark wool that suddenly fill the racks of our favorite stores. We’re grateful for the cooler temps and gentler days, but we’re even more grateful for this season of fashion.

Fall is the time for fashion (it’s the reason why that alliterative phrase, “fall fashion,” jumps off the tongue so well). From tiny tykes decked in back-to-school duds (page 24) to timelessly elegant fashionistas swathed in sumptuous furs (page 26), fall brings new fashion to all our closets.

But as every gentleman (and lady) knows, the foundation of fashion isn’t even fashion itself—it’s what lies underneath. A fresh cut and shave delineates the stylish from the frumpy. Even stripped of his accessories, a well-groomed man is a fashionable icon. No one knows this better than sports stars, those athletic celebrities who dominate news headlines and social media; they need to look good, and in Charlotte, that means they need to go to Freshen Up (page 20).

Suit up: fall fashion is here.