Raise the Roof 4

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Roof at its Best

There may be many things that make a house a home, but top of that list? A roof.

It’s not exactly glamorous, and it’s usually overlooked in those hit renovation shows, but your roof is the most integral element of your home. That’s why we’ve rounded up these tips and tricks from the regional experts at Long Roofing so you can know the ins and outs of your roof and keep your home homey.

Eye to the Skies

Most roofs need to be replaced every 20 years or so. Here’s what to look for when you think it might be time to raise (and replace) the roof:

1. Leaks in your home, usually identifiable by brown spots on your ceiling or walls.

2. Shingles popping up or visible cracks in the shingles.

3. Excessive black streaks on the shingles.

4. Shingles that are curling.

5. Fiberglass showing (your shingles will look shiny around the edges).

6. Excessive granules on the ground.

7. Moss or algae growing on the roof.

8. Missing shingles or shingles that have fallen out of place.

Go Through the Roof

It’s time—your roof needs replacing. Here’s what the experts at Long Roofing do to make sure your roof lasts a lifetime.

1. Remove the old roof down to the decking, at which point they replace any rotten or bad wood.

2. Install aluminum drip edge around entire perimeter of roof.

3. Install WinterGuard barrier on eaves, valleys and around chimneys. This is a waterproof barrier for extra protection where water is wont to penetrate.

4. Install a synthetic underlayment that is water and tear-resistant but breathable. This is used instead of typical, old-fashioned felt or “tar” paper.

5. Place down the CertainTeed Shingle (see the “50 Nifty Years sidebar for details on why this is so important!).

6. Replace all chimney flashings and step flashings where possible.

7. Replace all boots on pipe collars.

8. Ensure proper ventilation intake and outtake to keep temperatures down in the attic.

9. Step back and enjoy.