Experience of a Lifetime

With the rise of social media, travelers are documenting and sharing their experiences at lightning speed these days. As this phenomenon spreads, so does the desire to find more unique and authentic experiences to share.

Where once it was enough to bring home a photo and a souvenir from a trip, now vacationers want intangible experiences that provide memories of a lifetime, and they don’t want to experience these along with hundreds of people in a crowded space perceived as catering to the average “tourist.”

Travel providers are listening! Charlotte’s own Mann Travels partners with a variety of fabulous travel companies that are highlighting truly customized and unusual experiences around the world. Here are a few thrilling examples:

  • Tango lessons in Argentina: For decades, visitors to Argentina were treated to a traditional tango show. The iconic dance is synonymous with Argentina, and travelers loved the introduction to this Latin culture through performance. Now visitors are not content to watch the tango—they want to learn the dance themselves. Next time you’re in Buenos Aires, put on your comfortable shoes, slip a rose in your mouth and learn the sensual moves of the traditional tango.
  • Visit a working farm in Ireland: Everyone talks about lifting a pint at the ubiquitous Irish pub when visiting the Emerald Isle, but not everyone gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a local farm and learns how to bake scones with the proprietors. A cup of Irish coffee and a fresh-baked scone is the kind of unique experience that can differentiate your visit from the masses.
  • Chef’s tour of a local market: Imagine exploring a port’s local fish or vegetable market escorted by your ship’s head chef. You help choose the freshest ingredients and craft that night’s menu on the spot. Learn how these professionals make decisions when buying local foods and dine on the delicacies that evening for dinner.
  • Fishing on the Mekong River: Many visits to Vietnam include a tour of the floating villages and a glimpse into the fascinating way of life. Now travelers can really immerse themselves in life on the Mekong with a lesson with a local fisherman before a walking tour of the town and markets.

The possibilities are endless for special and unique experiences around the globe. Whether you want to learn the art of tortilla making in Belize, meet an olive grower in Italy or  practice Arabic calligraphy in Morocco, there is a trip waiting to give you the authentic opportunity of your dreams. Call Mann Travels at 704.343. MANN (6266) or visit MannTravels.com for more details.

Roni Fishkin is the Marketing Director of Mann Travels which, with local ownership in Charlotte, has been serving travelers with personalized service for more than 35 years