November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

“Farm-to-table” is, undoubtedly, a buzzword—or rather, buzz-phrase. But what about “farm to finely woven accessories?” Or “farm to to-go box?”

These days, local farmers aren’t just growing veggies to hock at farmer’s markets or box up for trendy eateries. Across the region, locally-grown produce and products are finding new homes in the mouths and on the bodies of Charlotteans. They’re wrapped in warm tortillas and buns and passed out of the wee windows of food trucks. They’re woven into warm scarves and socks and passed out as Christmas gifts. They’re everywhere.

And always, at the root (pun intended), are the farmers. In a time when farm-to-table is trending, who are these men and women who heed the call of the land, who dig their fingers into our rich soils and pull them out burdened with things edible and beautiful?

These are the questions we asked in our Farm-to-Table Issue, and we hope you like the answers we found. We took our own trip back to the land in this issue, exploring the farms around us and the people who connect with them.

Happy farming!

Emily Glaser