Take Back Your Garage 9

It’s a common malady that starts small. First you put your golf clubs in the corner; next, your power tools take over a dusty shelving unit; then boxes of Christmas decorations find a cobwebbed home on the slick floors. Before you know it, the battle has been lost, and your garage has become a storage unit.

It can happen to the most organized and cleanly homeowner; knick-knacks turn to clutter turn to a hoard in the oft-unused extra space of a garage. The well-intentioned storage space quickly escalates into an unmanageable situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The garage door experts at ASSA ABLOY lend us their fool-proof system for taking back your garage—and even turning it into something more.

  • Step One: If you’ve got clutter, take it out of that environment. Once you’ve removed everything from your garage, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re actually dealing with and remember all the things you shoved in the corner last winter.
  • Step Two: Do a cleanse. Now that you can see everything, it’s easy to separate your belongings into three categories: junk, donate, keep. Purge the stuff that’s irrelevant or of no value (think outdated appliances and technology).
  • Step Three: Categorize and organize. After that initial sweep of keep-junk-donate, it will be easier to organize your stuff into smaller categories: tools, keepsakes, outdoor equipment, decor, etc.
  • Step Four: Invest in your garage. Your garage really can be a great place for storage—if you outfit it correctly. There are great shelving units, cabinets, slat-and-hook systems and more—like Garage Tek, storeWALL, and G-floor—out there for you to incorporate into your freshly-cleansed garage.
  • Step Five: Reorganize. Once those new storage solutions are in place, it’s time to put everything back (now in it’s new, organized home).

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