Locally Made & Locally Gave 14

Great Gifts Crafted in Charlotte

The lights are sparkling on the tree, a classic crooner is caroling Christmas tunes through the speakers, something sugary and homemade is sending its scent through the house. Your sister, your husband, your son sits bathed in the candlelit glow of early morning, their fingers tugging at the carefully tied bow, and from out of the box they pull… a machine-made, cookie-cutter gift. It’s an idyllic scene interrupted by the jarring arrival of department store modernity, but it can be sustained instead with a thoughtful, locally-made gift.

Charlotte’s maker’s scene is burgeoning with talented artisans carefully crafting goods that will last a lifetime (or at least a lot longer than that generic sweater). We’ve curated a selection of the finest gifts—handmade right here in Charlotte—to fill their stockings with this holiday season.