December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Anyone who knows me can attest to this fact: I love Christmas.

It’s not the gifts or the cookies that inspire my penchant for this season (though the latter certainly doesn’t hurt). It’s the spirit. It’s the hallowed adieu of “Merry Christmas,” always paired with a eye-crinkling grin; it’s the all-hands-on-deck cooking sessions in a kitchen scented with equal parts cinnamon and love; it’s the carols and the enveloping hugs of family and the clink of champagne flutes. And through it all, it’s the spirit of giving.

The Christmas season is always one of generosity, a time when we can share the bounty of the year, not only with our friends and family, but with those in our community who need it most., the internet’s platform for social activism, reported that Americans who regularly donate are 34% more likely to contribute during the holidays, and donation amounts increase by 42% during the months of November and December. We know you want to give back—which is why we created our Giving Back Guide to help you decide when, where and how to do so this holiday season.

We also know you’ve got plenty of giving to do in your circle of friends and family. We’ve shared lots of gifts for your loved ones too, from travel (pg. 16), to epic game room provisions (pg. 28), to carefully crafted, locally-made gifts (pg. 34).

However you decide to give this Christmas, thank you. 

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Emily Glaser