It's All About YOU 1

Whether you’re about to begin a decorating project or are in the midst of one, it’s a good idea to take stock and consider the following questions:

1. Does your home—and the decorating products you’ve selected—reflect your personality?

2. What kind of statement does your home make about you?

It’s my belief that your home should indeed say something about you: your personal interests, the area in which you live, your culture and history, your talents and your loves. In other words, your home should look different from a showroom in a furniture store. Don’t make the mistake of copying someone else’s design instead of pursing your own personal style. You’re the one who has to live in your home—not a designer!

Of course, you’ll want to consider current trends and fashions, but try not to use what’s “in” to the exclusion of decorating for your individual taste. If you decorate with a personal touch, you will find you will be happier with your choices two or even 10 years from now. Once you’ve learned the basics of good design, it’s simple to filter through new looks and the multitude of choices available to you and to incorporate new trends into your existing, personalized design.

One decorating myth that has been discarded in recent years is that good decorating must be limited to only one interior design style. It’s not unusual these days to see several different compatible styles within the same household. For example, some of the most exciting home interiors might include a formal Queen Anne living room and dining room, a contemporary kitchen, a country family room and a romantic Victorian master bedroom. Feel free to combine styles that appeal to you.

If you’re starting a project, give serious thought to your personal preferences as well as current trends, and then set a budget. When making major purchases, such as upholstered pieces, floor coverings, and window treatments, you should buy the best quality you can afford, as these pieces will be with you for a long time. These are also the areas where you should forgo of-the-moment fads; resist investing in anything too trendy in shape, color and pattern, and you’ll be able to live with your choices for years. 

Add drama—and current fashions—to your rooms with wallcoverings or paint, area rugs, pillows and accessories that will be easy to swap out in the future. And by all means, consider consulting with a professional decorator—they know how to help you make your decorating dreams come true!

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