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5 Tips for Finding a Caregiver with Aroga

1. Assess the Level of Care Needed

Once it becomes apparent that you or your loved one needs assistance from an outside provider, the next step is to assess their care needs. Among other things, caregivers can help with dressing, bathing, feeding and medication reminders, as well as household duties such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. Additionally, caregivers can attend doctors’ appointments to serve as a second set of eyes and ears. 

Hospital nurse case managers or physicians can determine what level of care is appropriate, but many people need to make those decisions on their own. Aroga’s team of professionals are experienced in helping clients determine the most appropriate level of care. Knowing what the care needs are will help determine the caregiver skill level that is needed, as well as the cost associated with those needs.

2. Get the Most Qualified Caregiver 

Although home care companies may have a tendency to match clients with the most “available” caregivers, it is important to ask for the most “qualified” caregivers, especially when dealing with specific conditions such as post-surgical care, dementia and chronic illness. Many home care companies focus on the amount of time they have been in business; however, the more important question should be how much experience does the caregiver have? The average agency in 2016 had a 60% caregiver turnover rate and employees with on average one to two years of experience. 

One principle difference with Aroga is that the caregivers we refer have approximately 8-10 years of experience. Aroga’s professional team has over 35 years combined experience in home care, and they understand the unique needs of their clients. We ensure clients get the most qualified caregivers by matching them with providers who meet their specific requests and unique needs. 

3. Interview Caregivers

It’s important to find a caregiver you are completely happy with, so it may take several interviews before deciding on the caregiver that is best for you. Aroga is happy to refer several care providers for you to interview to ensure you are completely comfortable with your caregiver. We offer reviews and references to help you make the best decision for you or your loved one.

4. Check Credentials

Most providers are Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s) and have completed a training program and competency exam. Home care companies are mandated to conduct background checks, but it is also a good idea to ask for references and reviews of caregivers. Knowing a caregiver’s background and getting feedback from individuals who have worked with them in the past can help confirm experience and competency.  

Caregivers in our registry carry their own professional liability insurance, and all providers undergo a thorough background assessment and screening process before being referred to clients. All caregivers referred by Aroga must pass a thorough background check and screening process that includes:


  • Social security number trace and verification
  • Federal and state criminal records, felony and misdemeanor verification
  • National sex offender registry check
  • Motor vehicle check 
  • License/credential verification
  • Aroga is insured, bonded and accredited through the Better Business Bureau

5. Cost Should Reflect Experience  

Many agencies have a set price point, regardless of the experience and client service needs. Oftentimes experienced caregivers are underpaid, leading to high turnover rates and fewer available qualified caregivers. 

Our mission at Aroga is to refer caregivers that are qualified and will continue providing services for the duration of time that care is needed. Caregivers in our registry can negotiate their rate based on the level of care needed and their experience. Basically, the more experience and specialty training a caregiver has, the higher the compensation they receive and higher the cost. Cost is often a deciding factor when clients are looking for care providers, and we are committed to ensuring our clients get what they are paying for.

About Us 

Aroga represents independent Care Providers who offer in-home, first-class professional care with respect, dignity and compassion with the highest ethical standards and honor. Aroga will locate, screen and refer to our client one or more Care Providers who are qualified and able to provide the requested care in the comfort of home.