What is home?

It’s a question we contemplated often as we prepared this month’s Home Issue. It’s a place, certainly, but it’s also a feeling—that cozy contentment that’s evoked when you turn the corner and things look and feel familiar. 

“Home,” to us, begins the moment we enter our neighborhood and cruise our own street. They say “it takes a village,” and in Charlotte that village comes with winding, tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and friendly neighbors. That’s why we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite ‘hoods (which many of you call home) and their fascinating histories in this month’s feature. 

Where you choose to make your home is only the beginning. How you decorate it (pg. 34), down to often-overlooked elements like your garage floor (pg. 12), influences your personal definition of home. 

What’s home mean to you? We’d love to hear from you! Check us out on social media and share your own stories of home.

Warm Regards and Home-y Wishes,

Emily Glaser, Editor